I’m Having a Moment…

I’m all out of sync.

I don’t know what happened.

All I know is I feel completely out of control of my life today.

I’ve been in a really great routine lately; I’ve been up early, exercising, eating well and keeping very busy in amongst two jobs, study and a social life. However, I have a terrible habit of once I’m in a routine, if it breaks or changes, even if only for a day or two, I feel like my world is falling apart.

It was my birthday last week. YAY.

As much fun as it was (a lot of fun), it threw me off my routine, which I had told myself was okay because it’s my birthday and that’s the time you get to relax and take time off, so I did and it was amazing and I felt totally refreshed and ready to get back into my life.

But then I didn’t get straight back into it.

I slept in and felt hungover so I skipped a few things.

Then I had work til late.

Slept in again.

Missed my classes.

Felt bad about it so stayed up late thinking how bad I felt and slept in again today.

I feel it’s a fine balance between knowing what is good for you and doing it even if you don’t feel like it, taking time out when you need it and just being lazy and unmotivated. I feel like I’ve been through each stage and I need to get my act together.

Through all of this I find it amazing how skipping simple things like my morning affirmations or my exercise routine can have such a huge impact on my daily well being. I needed to write this post in order to release this negative energy from my body and be okay with my past few ‘out of whack’ days.

Every single day is a new day full of opportunities to grow, learn and explore.

So tomorrow I begin again.

And will continue to begin again.






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